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The following is a list of references to equip immigrant advocates, service providers and immigrants with important information about civic participation.  If you have a relevant reference you want to share, please send us the information.

Title Author/Date Description
A Citizen from Day One: A Proposal to Provide Voter Registration Services at Naturalization Ceremonies

Tova Andrea Wang, Demos


This paper makes the case that USCIS should,at naturalization ceremonies, provide a means for newly-sworn-in citizens to register to vote by distributing registration forms, providing assistance in completing them, and transmitting them to the proper election authority.
Community Treasures: Contributions of Older Immigrants and Refugees

Temple University Center for Intergenerational Learning


Cultural values and practices and political systems in native countries influence why and how older immigrants become engaged in their communities.
Out of Many, One: Integrating Immigrants in New Jersey Nicholas Montalto, Diversity Dynamics for the New Jersey Immmigration Policy Network and the National Immigration Forum This report examines the challenge of immigrant integration, and contains a total of 53 recommendations.  It also sets forth a plan of action, based on models from other states, for a structured partnership between state government and private sector organizations to promote the integration of immigrants.

The New Americans Exit Poll Project: Results from the 2000, 2002, and 2004 New York City Exit Polls (PDF) NEW!

Lorraine Minnite, Department of Political Science, Barnard College


Findings from the study, based on exit polling, provide a detailed profile of the concerns, opinions, and political behavior of immigrant voters in New York City.

How Did Latinos Really Vote in 2004?

National Council of La Raza


Analysis of the Latino vote in the 2004 election.

Non-Citizen Voting Ability on the Rise

Ron Hayduk and Michele Wucker
Migration Policy Institute


A report about non-citizen ability to vote in some US cities and in countries abroad.

Power and Potential: The Growing Electoral Clout of New Citizens (PDF)

Rob Paral et. al.
American Immigration Council


This report examines the growing portion of the U.S. electorate that is composed of “new citizens” and groups in which the foreign-born are a large percentage of the population. In a closely contested presidential race, the political clout of new citizens, Latinos, and Asians is magnified far beyond their absolute numbers.

Election 2004: The Latino and Asian Vote

Jeffrey S. Passel
Urban Institute


This fact sheet uses data from the Current Population Survey to detail the demographics of these two populations. Political factors and future trends are also considered.

2004 National Survey of Latinos: Politics and Civic Participation

The Pew Hispanic Center


A large, in-depth examination of views on a variety of issues and modes of civic and political participation in the entire Hispanic populationas well as a look at the key demographic trends shaping the Latino electorate.

National Poll of Latino Voters

Tomás Rivera Policy Institute


The Tomás Rivera Policy Institute (TRPI) has joined with The Washington Post and Univision to conduct a national poll examining the attitudes and voting propensities of Latino registered voters in the 2004 elections.

The House We All Live In: A Report on Immigrant Civic Integration (PDF)

Carnegie Corporation of New York


Recommendations on the growing need to encourage immigrants to integrate and become more engaged in civic activities.

Mobilize the Immigrant Vote! (MIV) Campaign 2002

Northern California Citizenship Project


A report on a campaign to increase immigrant communities’ involvement in elections. This effort brought together 14 organizations serving Latino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Iranian and other diverse immigrant communities from 7 counties in the greater Bay Area.

Immigrants in the Military

The American Immigration Law Foundation


Our understanding of the meaning of American patriotism would not be complete without considering the pride and commitment immigrants demonstrate on behalf of the United States. Their service in the U.S. military is a strong indication of the great sacrifices they have made in defense of America from the early days of the Republic to the present.

State of Hispanic America 2004: Latino Perspectives on the American Agenda

National Council of La Raza


Reports on the merging of increasingly defined Latino interests with the direction of public policy and accurate public images of the Hispanic community.

How Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration Shape the California Electorate (PDF)

Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC)


Focuses on the turnout gaps across California’s four largest racial and ethnic groups. It finds that the relatively low turnout among Latinos and Asians can be traced to markedly different causes.

The Immigration Question: Were obituaries of the GOP premature?

Daniel T. Griswold
The Cato Institute


This essay discusses the GOP's gains in recent election among immigrants and argues for a more immigrant friendly platform.

“Mobilizing the Latino Vote: Latinos and Immigrants in the 2002 Midterm Election

National Council of La Raza


This paper includes a focus on the Latino electorate as well as on immigrant voters who may or may not be Hispanic, but whose demographic characteristics have much in common with Latinos in terms of population growth and distribution, and the proportion who participate in elections.

Mobilizing the Latino Vote: Tapping the Power of the Hispanic Electorate

National Council of La Raza


Provides background on the current Latino electorate including the increase in the number of registered and active voters. Highlights the results of recent polls to gain a better understanding of what drives Latino voters on both issues and politics.

Are There Differences in Registration and Voting Behavior Between Naturalized and Native born Americans?

Census Bureau


Results of research and analysis undertaken by Census Bureau staff.

Crossroads Campaign Solutions