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Polling Summary: Public Support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

July 14, 2006

A survey of recent public opinion polls from a variety of sources showing solid support for comprehensive immigration reform

Immigration Enforcement: What Has Been Tried? What Has Been The Result?

March 31, 2006

A compilation of statistics and facts highlighting how our reliance on enforcement alone has failed to control undocumented immigration.

Survey of Undocumented Immigrants in the United States

March 29, 2006

This survey explores the willingness of undocumented immigrants to participate in a legalization program similar to what is being contemplated in the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill.

Is “Work and Return” a Solution or a Sound Bite?

February 16, 2006

Backgrounder explaining why immigration reform proposals to give undocumented immigrants temporary work permits and then require them to return to their home countries would not work.

A National Survey Of Voter Attitudes On Immigration

April 07, 2005

A new poll shows support for proposals to allow foreigners and undocumented immigrants to obtain work permits and earn their way to citizenship.

Restrictionist Efforts to Influence the 2004 Elections

January 27, 2005

Despite spending large sums of money in an effort to defeat pro-immigrant members of the House and Senate in the 2004 elections, two restrictionist Political Action Committees ultimately had little effect.

The Latino, Asian, and Immigrant Vote: 2004

January 26, 2005

An analysis of the vote of new American citizens in the general election of 2004.

2004 Election Analysis: Arizona’s Proposition 200

December 08, 2004

Analysis of the anti-immigrant ballot initiative in Arizona in the election of 2004, highlighting the positive lessons gained from the fight against this initiative.

Terrorism and the Government’s Response: Broad Initiatives Do Not Make Us Safer

November 30, 2003

A backgrounder that describes what is needed to be successful in fighting terrorism, and how many of the government’s initiatives launched after 9-11-2001 have been targeted broadly at immigrants, not narrowly at terrorists.

Immigration Under the Department of Homeland Security

September 30, 2003

This Backgrounder is a summary of the key immigration functions transferred to DHS after the passage of the Homeland Security Act of 2002.

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