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Attitudes on immigration reform: an analysis of survey research

April 25, 2013

This survey, commissioned by Americans for Tax Reform, the National Immigration Forum and the Partnership for a New American Economy, found that, when respondents heard a description of the Senate immigration reform bill, overall support was 83%. It was a survey of 800 registered voters, with an oversampling of Republican voters (400 total). Among Republican voters, support for the bill was even greater than support overall—87%.

What Does Smart and Effective Border Security Look Like?

March 01, 2013

While spending on border security has risen to record heights, this paper highlights four areas that continue to need attention: (1) adequate border agent training; (2) adequate resources and infrastructure at U.S. land ports of entry; (3) sufficient oversight mechanisms and procedures to hold agents accountable for misconduct; and (4) effective use of border technology.

Letter to the President on Immigrant Integration

February 05, 2013

At the start of President Obama’s second term, more than 50 organizations signed a letter urging his administration to play an active role in helping immigrants become U.S. citizens. The letter outlines steps the administration might take to more effectively use government resources to help immigrants become Americans.

Immigration Enforcement Today: 2007 Reform Goals Largely Accomplished

February 01, 2013

At the onset of a new debate on broad immigration reform, this paper examines the progress made toward border security and immigration enforcement benchmarks set in 2007 immigration reform legislation. As this paper explains, the benchmarks set in that legislation have largely been met. New legislation that sets up a similar sequenced structure of enforcement plus reform will have to acknowledge the progress that has already been made.

The “Border Bubble”: A Look at Spending on U.S. Borders

November 14, 2012

Despite a sharp decline in the number of persons attempting to cross the border illegally in the last several years, the government continues to increase resources deployed to the border. This paper briefly discusses the technology, infrastructure, and personnel deployed on the border. It also raises cost concerns about some of the technology and programs that have been tried, often unsuccessfully.

Conservatives Discuss Need to Work on Immigration Reform

November 07, 2012

This document contains a collection of quotes from conservatives and Republican Party thinkers on the need for Republicans to deal with immigration reform and to reach out to Latinos and other minorities in the wake of Mitt Romney’s failure to win the presidency.

Misbehavior at the Border: Are Those Who Control Immigration Out of Control Themselves?

November 01, 2012

This paper looks at corruption and misconduct documented within the Border Patrol and its parent agency, Customs and Border Protection. With rapid growth, high turnover and a high new agent to experienced agent ration, there are questions about the adequacy of training and supervision. Another problem stems from the fact that the Inspector General’s office, which investigates many complaints against CBP agents, has not been properly resourced to keep pace with its workload.

Summaries of Recent Immigration Enforcement Reports

October 18, 2012

This document summarizes a number of reports that have been issued 2008 - 2012 by non-profit and governmental watchdog organizations documenting problems with various immigration enforcement programs.

Summaries of Recent Reports on Immigration Detention

October 05, 2012

This document summarizes a number of reports that have been issued by a range of groups about various aspects of the immigration detention system at the national and regional level, including (among others) conditions of detention, needed reforms, the role of the private prison industry, and detention as it pertains to particular populations.

After Arizona: What’s Next for S.B. 1070 and its Progeny?

October 04, 2012

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in United States v. Arizona, courts have been issuing decision that have weakened state efforts to impose their own immigration law enforcement schemes. This paper provides an update on legal challenges that have been brought against immigration enforcement laws enacted in Arizona, Utah, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Indiana.

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