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White House Immigration Proposal Released to USA Today

February 16, 2013

Summary includes path to citizenship and enforcement – no details on future flow system

Washington, D.CToday, USA Today reported details of the White House immigration legislation. The following is a statement by Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum:

“The scant details provided offer a glimpse of what looks to be very moderate White House proposal. On one hand, we are pleased a clear, achievable road to citizenship is proposed for the undocumented. On the other hand, the resources necessary for an unspecified number of Border Patrol and a massive increase in immigration judges would be better used at ports of entry and reducing the backlog for legal immigrants.

“Most importantly, the lack of attention paid to the future of America’s legal immigration system must change. America’s economy needs the President and Congress to craft a stable immigration system that serves our economy and our workforce. Commonsense immigration reform must include a functioning immigration system for the future; reform does not begin and end with citizenship and enforcement alone. We hope the bipartisan process underway in the Senate achieves this goal.”

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