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STRIVE Act Is the Solution

April 17, 2007

Washington, DCThe STRIVE Act was recently introduced in the Houses of Representatives by Reps. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ).  The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum, a pro-immigrant advocacy organization in Washington.

The National Immigration Forum is pleased to announce its endorsement of the STRIVE Act.  We have carefully studied the proposal and believe it offers an excellent road map to a comprehensive fix of our nation’s dysfunctional immigration system. 

The way to end illegal immigration as we know it is to enact comprehensive immigration reform that is tough, fair, and practical.  Tough with respect to border security and tough on bad actor employers.  Fair with respect to American workers, fair with respect to the admission of needed workers, fair to family members separated by long waits, and fair to taxpayers who want everyone to pay their fair share.  Practical with respect to bringing some 12 million immigrants out of the shadows and onto a path to earned citizenship.  Unlike the status quo, the STRIVE Act will make our laws enforceable and enforced.  It will replace unregulated illegal immigration with a workable system of controlled legal immigration.  It will restore our traditions as both a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants.

Although the 700-page bill is an excellent proposal, we do have a number of concerns related to its workability.  For example, we are concerned about the workability of the “trigger” provisions.  If these benchmarks to full implementation are not objective and certain, they might instead cause undue delays in solving the problem promptly.  Similarly, we are concerned about the workability and necessity of the “legal re-entry” provisions for those acquiring legal permanent residence.  Anything that limits participation or unduly complicates implementation could hurt the overall efficacy of the legislation.  Still, we are confident and hopeful that we can improve the legislation as it moves forward. 

The nation wants a solution now.  Immigrant workers and families want a solution now.  Local communities want a solution now.  It’s time for our nation’s leaders to enact a bill along the lines of the STRIVE Act to meet this demand in a way that makes our nation prouder, stronger, and safer. 


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