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Republican AG Leads New Consensus on Immigrants and America

April 03, 2012

Washington, D.C. — The following is a statement by Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum:

“As the presidential primary season winds down, Republicans have come to realize Latino voters are a fast-growing, powerful bloc of the electorate and that they need an ally from Republican ranks. As the New York Times profiled on April 2, for leadership on immigration, Republicans need not look further than one of the most conservative states in the nation: Utah.

“Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff has expanded the nation’s immigration debate by providing a space for moderates and conservatives to express their support for immigration solutions. He led by example in the summer of 2010, when he pilloried a list of 1,300 individuals Utah state workers alleged were undocumented with the statement, 'This is not a blacklist, this is a hit list.' Since then, Attorney General Shurtleff has made it his personal mission to build consensus among law enforcement, business, faith and political leaders on the need for a sensible and solutions-based dialogue on immigration.

“The effort to find reasonable alternatives to an enforcement-only approach produced the 'Utah Compact,' a declaration of principles supporting balanced, federal solutions on immigration. Similar compacts have been launched in Iowa and Indiana, and more are expected across the country.

“Democrats and Republicans at all levels should look to Shurtleff’s leadership on immigration and the groundbreaking Utah Compact as a shining example of a rational debate and a practical solution.”


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