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President Obama Urges Congress to Put Aside Partisanship, Work on Immigration Solutions

January 24, 2012

Washington, D.C.— President Obama on Tuesday used the bully pulpit of the State of the Union address to lift up the Administration's accomplishments on border security and call on Congress to work on comprehensive immigration reform "right now". He urged members of Congress to work together to pass DREAM Act legislation that would give talented young immigrants "a chance to earn their citizenship".

"The President was right in stressing the importance of fixing our immigration system," said Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum. "The urgency for action on immigration cannot be overstated. Tonight's remarks come at a time of real pain and suffering in the immigrant community. Undocumented immigrants feel under siege by record deportations and an increasing number of harsh state-based immigration laws, some that go as far as denying access to basic water service for undocumented immigrants."

Noorani added, "The American public has had enough of politicians that focus more on hyper-partisan games than actually working together to forge a new consensus on immigrants and America. It is time for the President and Congress to do what's right and advance workable and meaningful immigration solutions that value immigrants and immigration to our nation."


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