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Administrative Relief for DREAMers

August 15, 2012 - Metrolatino USA

Application forms came online for young people who wish to request deferred action. A grant of deferred action would, for two years, suspend deportation proceedings for young people who came to this country as children and provide them the opportunity to work legally in the United States.

Immigration Officials Begin Accepting Applications to Defer Deportation

August 15, 2012 - Fox Business

Immigration Attorney Alberto Cardenas and National Immigration Forum Executive Director Ali Noorani on the President’s immigration policies.

Ryan sparks split on immigration

August 13, 2012 - The Washington Times

Mixed record on issue divides rights activists, business interests

Opinion: U.S. Latinos Prove They Yield Hefty Clout in Media, Politics

August 08, 2012 -

Instead of Edward R. Murrow and Leave it to Beaver, the television sets of the Next America are tuned to Jorge Ramos and La que No Podía Amar. Candidates for office are taking notice, as well they should.

Young undocumented immigrants can apply for deportation relief

August 04, 2012 - The Raw Story

The US government said it would begin accepting applications later this month from young undocumented immigrants who hope to avoid deportation under a new policy.

Indiana gets real on immigration

August 03, 2012 - International

Editor's note: Ali Noorani is the executive director of the National Immigration Forum, an organization based in Washington that advocates for the value of immigrants.

Hope for Dreamers: DHS Outlines Deferred Action Process

August 03, 2012 - Metrolatino USA

The Department of Homeland Security today provided additional information on the deferred action for childhood arrivals process during a national media call in preparation for the August 15 implementation date.

Deferred Action Applicants To Pay $465, Won’t Be Deported

August 03, 2012 -

The information undocumented youths provide to the federal government for a temporary reprieve from deportation under the new deferred-action immigration program will not be used to remove them from the country unless they have committed certain criminal offenses, are a national-security threat, or

Cost for Immigration Program at $585 Million

August 01, 2012 -

The proposed price tag to adjust the immigration status of more than a million illegal immigrants youths was pegged in the millions.An Associated Press story last week said the cost of implementing the immigration program could cost some $585 million and would require the federal government to hir

Indiana Attorney General Says Parts of Immigration Law Are Unconstitutional

July 31, 2012 - ImmigrationProf Blog

In a brief filed in federal court, Indiana Attorney General Gregory Zoeller acknowledged that the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Arizona v. United States striking down three of four sections of Arizona’s immigration law as unconstitutional means portions of Indiana’s immigration law dealing with war

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