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Indiana gets real on immigration

August 03, 2012 - International

Editor's note: Ali Noorani is the executive director of the National Immigration Forum, an organization based in Washington that advocates for the value of immigrants.

Hope for Dreamers: DHS Outlines Deferred Action Process

August 03, 2012 - Metrolatino USA

The Department of Homeland Security today provided additional information on the deferred action for childhood arrivals process during a national media call in preparation for the August 15 implementation date.

Deferred Action Applicants To Pay $465, Won’t Be Deported

August 03, 2012 -

The information undocumented youths provide to the federal government for a temporary reprieve from deportation under the new deferred-action immigration program will not be used to remove them from the country unless they have committed certain criminal offenses, are a national-security threat, or

Cost for Immigration Program at $585 Million

August 01, 2012 -

The proposed price tag to adjust the immigration status of more than a million illegal immigrants youths was pegged in the millions.An Associated Press story last week said the cost of implementing the immigration program could cost some $585 million and would require the federal government to hir

Indiana Attorney General Says Parts of Immigration Law Are Unconstitutional

July 31, 2012 - ImmigrationProf Blog

In a brief filed in federal court, Indiana Attorney General Gregory Zoeller acknowledged that the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Arizona v. United States striking down three of four sections of Arizona’s immigration law as unconstitutional means portions of Indiana’s immigration law dealing with war

Take It to the Bank: Helping Young Aspiring Citizens Will Boost Our Economy

July 30, 2012 - Huffington Post

Let me get right to the point: Helping young aspiring citizens remain in America is good for America. Removing the immediate threat of deportation for young people who were brought here as children will have remarkable economic benefits.

Opinion: In Tackling Immigration, State Economies Hit the Turf

July 13, 2012 -

Immigration may have become a political football, but Charles Hall has another football metaphor in mind when he talks about the skilled immigrants who help put food on our tables.

Celebrating mom’s citizenship this Independence Day

July 04, 2012 - Univision News Tumblr

Add Your Comment Share TweetBy LIUDMILA BATISTAOn this Fourth of July, my family has a special reason to celebrate: Five years after immigrating to the United States from Cuba, my mom, Maria Emilia Hechavarria, became a U.

Ali Noorani: Romney Need Not Look Far for Reasoned Approach on Immigration

July 03, 2012 - Fox News Latino

If ever a candidate were in need of some July 4th fireworks, Mitt Romney is that candidate when it comes to immigration. Based on a recent interview with NewsmaxTV, change might be in the air.

(Bush Op-Ed) Guest column: Immigration consensus

July 01, 2012 - Orlando Sentinel

For the sake of our economy here in Florida and nationwide, we must forge a new consensus on immigrants and America. This will require Republicans and Democrats alike to stop the grandstanding and gather around a table to develop rational immigration policy that serves the interests of every American and their family.

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