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Immigration Advocates Consider a Compromise

September 22, 2013 - Wall Street Journal

Frustrated by inaction in the House, advocates of a broad overhaul of immigration law are considering whether to compromise on a core demand—that the nation's 11 million illegal immigrants be offered a pathway to citizenship. For those open to it, the idea marks a strategic retreat aimed at moving legislation through the Republican-led House. Some GOP lawmakers who oppose broad citizenship rights have said they might agree to offer some other kind of legal status.

On immigration, GOP swing votes try to have it both ways

September 20, 2013 - MSNBC

FORT MORGAN, CO – Jose Munoz can’t understand why Congressman Cory Gardner won’t give him a straight answer on immigration. Munoz, a 25-year old volunteer with the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, was one of many attendees at Gardner’s first town hall of the summer eager to hear their congressman address the topic. Just a week earlier on July 29, Gardner met privately with group members who left feeling encouraged.

Local companies help their employees become U.S. citizens

September 17, 2013 - Miami Herald

For some employees of Baptist Health South Florida, the path to U.S. Citizenship started Tuesday. The non-profit health organization partnered up with the National Immigration Forum to provide free on-site assistance to employees eligible to become American citizens. They held a special information session on Tuesday, which was National Citizenship Day. “This is what this country is all about,” said Jose Soriano, 50, who was there to support his wife Dinorah. “It doesn't matter what color you are or what religion you practice. This is a great opportunity.”

Encouraging Citizenship: A Win-Win for Businesses, Their Employees and Our Economy

September 17, 2013 - Huffington Post (Noorani Op-Ed)

Two-hundred-twenty-six years ago, the U.S. Constitutional Convention signed the document our nation looks to as a beacon for guidance on the toughest issues we face. Sept. 17, "Constitution Day and Citizenship Day" gives us an opportunity to recognize and celebrate all who have become or aspire to become citizens of the United States, pledging to "support and defend the Constitution and law of the United States of America." On this Citizenship Day, we must recognize the many benefits citizenship brings to immigrants and to our country. We are a better place when immigrants follow through, become citizens and become fully accountable in our American democracy.

Baptist Health joins groups nationwide seeking new Americans on National Citizenship Day

September 17, 2013 - Associated Press (Florida)

MIAMI — Baptist Health South Florida is hosting on-site workshops for potential new citizens this week to mark National Citizenship day Tuesday. The company is one of about a dozen businesses in California, Florida and Washington D.C. that are part of a pilot program to help their employees make the leap to citizenship. The National Immigration Forum is behind the program dubbed the Bethlehem Project.

Congress Hits the Brakes on Immigration Reform

September 10, 2013 - Bloomberg Businessweek

This week, advocates of comprehensive immigration reform will stage events in Washington, where they’ll try to make news by getting arrested. Next week, they’ll make noise outside the D.C. offices of corporations that give big money to Republicans and are believed to have sway over them on the issue. On Oct. 5, activists will hold rallies in more than 60 other cities. Will any of this get Congress’s attention? Earlier this year, the prospects for immigration reform looked somewhat promising after the Senate approved a bill with bipartisan backing just six months into the start of the new Congress.

Immigration shoved to back burner as Congress returns

September 07, 2013 - Connecticut Post

WASHINGTON -- Lawmakers return to Congress this week to face decisions on Syria, the debt ceiling and funding Obamacare. Relegated to the back burner is immigration reform, which, going into the summer recess, was a hot topic on Capitol Hill. With Congress' attention distracted in so many directions, some say the prospects for passage of immigration reform have diminished despite efforts to energize voters and confront wavering lawmakers.

August is a busy season for interest groups

August 29, 2013 - NPR Marketplace

Heat, sweat, and, now, activists are unavoidable facts of life for members of Congress in August. An army of interest groups has been pushing various causes this month. Opponents of President Barack Obama’s health care law are demanding it be defunded. And an unusual coalition of the left and right -- including local police, business groups and church leaders -- is pushing for immigration reform. Their ad campaign cost $400,000, and its organizer Ali Noorani, the executive director of the National Immigration Forum, says you ignore August at your peril.

CBF leader pushes for immigration reform

August 29, 2013 - Associated Baptist Press

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship leader Suzii Paynter ramped up her advocacy for immigration reform Aug. 28 in a conference call with reporters urging Texans in Congress to approve moral legislation that takes into account the economic needs of the nation and spiritual and physical needs of immigrants. Paynter, executive coordinator of the Atlanta-based Fellowship, was joined on the afternoon telephone panel by Steve Case, chairman and CEO of Revolution and co-founder of America Online, and by Steve Pringle, legislative director of the Texas Agriculture Bureau, among others.

Area’s undocumented workers discussed

August 29, 2013 - The Journal-Gazette (IN)

FORT WAYNE – A state law requires police agencies to report undocumented immigrants they encounter. “That’s not going to happen,” Angola Police Chief Stuart Hamblen said Wednesday. “ … We can’t criminalize these people.” Noble County dairy farmer John Metzger said he’d soon be out of business if a federal investigation would find illegal immigrants working for him. “We believe everyone we hire is legal. … But we’re all in fear of what could happen,” Metzger said. Anderson factory owner Barry Sharp learned the hard way. Three federal audits of his S&S Steel Services Inc. resulted in no fines for him in 2012, he said, but nearly half of his 170 workers quit when questions arose about some Social Security numbers. Steel coil production plunged at the plant.

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