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Business-Conservative Coalition Presses for Immigration Overhaul: ‘Do It Now’

October 29, 2013 - New York Times

Heading to Washington to spend Tuesday urging House Republicans to take up a broad immigration overhaul, the team of Utah business leaders buttonholed several members of their state’s congressional delegation — Republican Senators Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee, and Representatives Jim Matheson, a Democrat, and Chris Stewart, a Republican — as the lawmakers waited to board their flight Monday at the Salt Lake City airport. “Our plea is to act now, do it now, lead,” Stan Lockhart, a former chairman of the Utah Republican Party, said in an interview Tuesday as he explained the group’s basic pitch. “Ask House leadership to lead and let’s pass what’s possible now.”

Conservatives Pushing Immigration Reform Say Piecemeal Approach Gains Steam

October 29, 2013 - Huffington Post

"It's better than no movement at all. We have to get it solved, so we'll take the way of moving the ball a few yards down the field," Mulet said. "We're not looking for touchdown right now, we're not even looking for a field goal. ... Let's just get another down."

Valadao considers breaking with GOP leadership on immigration

October 29, 2013 - Hanford Sentinel

Valadao’s announcement comes amid mounting pressure from immigration reform advocates that Congress do something. Today, 600 business, faith and law enforcement leaders staged a “fly-in” to Washington to push legislators to act. The blitz, sponsored in part by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the nonpartisan group Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform, targeted 80 House members in 40 states.

Fleeting hopes for immigration reform

October 29, 2013 - Arizona Republic

Lawmakers have come under an unprecedented wave of lobbying from immigration-reform supporters on the right and left in recent days, keeping hopes for the legislation alive in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. A small legion of pro- reform business, religious and law-enforcement leaders have converged on Capitol Hill this week to press lawmakers for action, and a comprehensive Democratic bill won its first GOP supporters. At the same time, immigrant advocates also are visiting congressional offices and holding prayer vigils outside lawmakers’ residences, as happened last week at the Peoria home of U.S. Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz.

Local leaders lobby for immigration reform (Video)

October 29, 2013 - ABC57 News

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Lawmakers from Elkhart are in Washington D.C. lobbying for immigration reform. Both Elkhart and Goshen's chamber of commerce presidents were at the capitol among 600 other religious, law enforcement and business leaders from across the country. "Business, faith, and law enforcement are all standing together, pushing for reform," said Americans for Reform member Ali Noorani.

Business, Faith and Silicon Valley Leaders to Pepper House on Immigration

October 28, 2013 - U.S. News and World Report

Conservative business leaders, evangelicals and tech giants will descend on Washington Tuesday to make yet another plea with the House of Representatives — pass immigration reform. "This is a last ditch effort to get something done," says Brad Bailey, a restaurant owner in Texas and founder of Texas Immigration Solution, who is coming to Washington for the event. "We are further along [in immigration reform] than we have ever been in the past."

Rubio to GOP: Don’t pass my immigration bill!

October 28, 2013 - MSNBC

Ali Noorani, whose group National Immigration Forum is bringing hundreds of conservative leaders to Washington on Tuesday to lobby for reform, said he couldn’t understand Rubio’s motives even from a raw political perspective. “It’s a real mystery,” he told msnbc. “Find me a politician who’s won on the ‘I was for it before I was against it’ strategy.”

Conservative Coalition Presses House Republicans to Act on Immigration

October 26, 2013 - New York Times

WASHINGTON — A push to bring immigration legislation to the House floor, led by an unusual coalition of business executives, prominent conservatives and evangelical leaders, threatens to create another schism in the Republican Party and could have a noticeable effect on campaign contributions before the midterm elections. Several Republican executives and donors who are part of a lobbying blitz coming to Capitol Hill next week said they were considering withholding, or had already decided to withhold, future financial support to Republican lawmakers they believe are obstructing progress on immigration.

Hundreds of Conservative Leaders to Meet in Washington to Push for Immigration Reform

October 26, 2013 - Christian Post

Hundreds of conservative leaders from across the nation will meet in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday to take their message of immigration reform to Congress, which is now expected to address the issue after having dealt with the partial government shutdown and the debt-ceiling. The event, "Americans for Reform: Immigration Reform for our Economy, Faith and Security," is aimed at sending the "unified message" of conservative faith, law enforcement and business leaders that Congress needs to take up broad immigration reform and keep it moving forward, the organizers say.

Republican congressman Jeff Denham will join Democrats in immigration overhaul push

October 26, 2013 - Washington Post

Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) plans to sign on as the lone GOP member with 185 Democrats to co-sponsor a plan that would give millions of unauthorized immigrants the chance to attain citizenship. A handful of House Republicans have expressed support for citizenship legislation similar to the bipartisan bill that passed the Senate over the summer. But Denham is taking the additional — and politically provocative — step of locking arms with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and other Democrats trying to neutralize opposition from House conservatives and shake up a polarized immigration debate.

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