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New Poll Shows Common Ground for Common Sense Approach to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

April 07, 2005

Washington, DC A new poll was released here today that indicates strong support for bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform legislation to fix our broken immigration system.  The poll, of 800 American “likely voters,” was conducted March 20-22 by Celinda Lake (of Democratic polling firm Lake Snell Perry Mermin & Associates) and Ed Goeas (of Republican polling firm The Tarrance Group). It was commissioned by the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the National Immigration Forum.  The following is a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum.

The key components of comprehensive immigration reform are broadly supported by the American people. Importantly, comprehensive immigration reform is a political winner for Democrats and Republicans alike. Our own polling shows that public support for political candidates who support a comprehensive reform package goes up, not down.

President Bush has an opportunity to seize an issue that unites, not divides, the nation. Under the bi-partisan legislative leadership of Senators McCain and Kennedy, and in concert with a broad alliance from across the political spectrum, immigration reform could be the surprising issue of the year that restores credibility to a Congress with sinking approval ratings generally.  But it will only happen if the President works with us to do so.

There is chaos on our border and chaos in Washington when it comes to immigration.  We must regain control of our borders and regain control of the runaway hysteria in Washington.

The new spate of restrictionist laws currently under consideration in Congress are exactly the wrong direction to take the country.  Piecemeal approaches and punitive patches are the approaches of the past.  With respect to our immigration control strategies, enforcement-only measures amount to more of the same.  It’s time to move forward and address the problems plaguing our immigration system in a way that works, for American workers, for immigrants and families, and for a public hungry for pragmatic solutions.

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