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National Immigration Forum Congratulates Nydia Velazquez On Her Appointment as Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus

November 20, 2008

Washington, DC – On November 19, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus elected Nydia Velázquez (D-NY) to lead the Caucus. Following is a statement from Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum, congratulating Ms. Velázquez on being chosen by her peers in the Caucus.

The National Immigration Forum congratulates Representative Nydia Velázquez, who will lead the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in the 111th Congress.  As Chair of the Caucus, she will lead the Caucus in its effort to make sure the interests of Latinos are included as lawmakers grapple with the many challenges facing this country. 

We look forward to working with Representative Velázquez and the Caucus in the coming year, as it returns to the task of fixing our broken immigration system.  The Congressional Hispanic Caucus, most recently under the able leadership of Congressman Joe Baca, has championed genuine immigration reform, even when it may have been politically unpopular to do so.  The 111th Congress has a tremendous opportunity to move the immigration issue forward, and the Caucus will play a key role in that debate.

Our broken immigration laws, and efforts to enforce them without fixing them, have created a crisis in the Latino community, as thousands of families are split apart.  Yet, up to now, Congress has been unable to muster the political will to solve the problem.  Thanks in part to the record turnout of Latinos in the recent election, the makeup of Congress is now more favorable to accomplish serious reforms that will bring our immigration system in line with our values as a nation.  Ms. Velázquez will be an important ally in the quest to solve this problem for the American people.

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