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“Left. Right. Forward.” Event Sets Tone for National Conversation on Immigration

April 29, 2013

Leaders of the bipartisan effort in the House of Representatives on immigration reform make the case for comprehensive and sensible changes to immigration law.

SAN ANTONIO, TX – In a wide-ranging discussion moderated by Texas Tribune Editor Evan Smith, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) and Rep. John Carter (R-Tex.) argued for a bipartisan, comprehensive solution to immigration and border issues. A growing consensus among members of the faith, law enforcement and business communities makes that solution attainable even in a highly polarized political environment.

“Today in San Antonio, Representatives Carter and Gutierrez showed us exactly why the time is now for immigration reform. They came together to talk with San Antonians about the urgency and need for both parties to continue working together on comprehensive and bipartisan reform,” said Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum. “This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans getting everything they want on immigration – it’s about the left working with the right, and the right working with the left to move us forward on immigration reform.”

“Part of the conversation that Congressman Carter and I are having here today with you is an educational experience, not only for us, but for the rest of the American people,” said Congressman Gutierrez. “If they can hear a Republican and a Democrat speak in sensible terms, then I think that goes all the way down to the local police officer or constable who are also going to change their minds.”

“If the far left and the far right, which is quite honestly what our group is made up of, can come to a compromise, then it ought to be easy for the rest of the Congress to come to a compromise,” noted Congressman Carter. “We’re as far apart politically as you can get, but we’re very close right now because of this project we’re working on. We’re very proud of the product we’re moving forward.”

Both congressmen observed that national security is enhanced and the U.S. economy is invigorated by enacting rational immigration policies that allow law enforcement and border security agencies to focus on legitimate threats while allowing needed laborers and entrepreneurs to enter the U.S. workforce.

“For residents of San Antonio and South Texas who know border issues better than anyone else, the bipartisan effort led by Congressmen Gutierrez and Carter is a breath of fresh air,” said Eddie Aldrete, Senior Vice President, IBC Bank and board member of the National Immigration Forum. “Their work is vitally important for our economic and national security. More Americans need to hear them and support their effort to create sane and humane immigration laws.”

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