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Civil Rights Leader Decries Arizona Immigration Law as Supreme Court Convenes

April 25, 2012

Washington, D.C. — As the Supreme Court convenes this morning to hear oral arguments in Arizona v. United States, the challenge to Arizona’s S.B. 1070 immigration law, leaders from across the human rights, civil rights, immigrant and religious spectrum are speaking out against the law and highlighting its negative, discriminatory effects. Dr. Warren Stewart, senior pastor at First Institutional Baptist Church in Phoenix, is a recognized African-American leader who was a driving force in moving Arizona to finally recognize the federal Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. The following is a statement by Pastor Stewart, who is also chairman of the National Immigration Forum Board of Directors:

“Arizona’s misguided immigration law is an affront to moral conscience and basic rights. The moment we allow a law to consider someone suspicious and deserving of more scrutiny because of their skin color is the moment we walk away from the values all of us share: opportunity, liberty and equality for all. The question at the heart of this law goes beyond Arizona: It is about what kind of country we want to be. Our laws should not serve to divide communities and turn neighbor against neighbor. Even as we await a just ruling from the Supreme Court, we must unite behind our fundamental values and seek humane immigration laws on the federal level. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: ‘Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’ ”


Read evangelical leaders’ statements opposing S.B. 1070. Click here for a letter from interfaith leaders asking the President and Congress to take the lead on immigration law. Members of the Congressional Hispanic, Black and Asian Pacific American caucuses also are speaking out against the law.

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