Baptist Health Services

January 8, 2015

Miami, FL


Heather Adams, former Corporate Director of Dependent Care Services
“Many of our employees have looked into citizenship before, but the costs associated with
obtaining it have stopped some from pursuing their goal. Not everyone has the funds
available to pay for the government fee and possible attorney costs. It can be more costly
and time-consuming as they take time off of work to meet with their attorneys.”
Tatiana Camargo, Employee
“They educated me about how to take on the citizenship process. So easy! I filled out my
application and I brought all my documents. I was already here in this country working;
and to be able to have the pride of having a voice, and to be able to vote and choose who is
going to be the next president of the United States, for example. For me, it’s an honor.”

Special benefits: Utilized an in-house credit union for interest free credit loans. Expanded citizenship
services offerings across all eight Baptist Health campuses.