Minnesota Faith and Business Leaders Applaud Republican Standards on Immigration Reform

Assistant Director of Communications

January 31, 2014

Major Commitment from House Leadership Propels Reform Forward

MINNEAPOLIS — On Thursday, House Republicans released their standards for immigration reform. The standards met with broad support among top Minnesota faith and business leaders, who lauded the movement toward much-needed reform and called on Congress to pass reform this year.  

The following are quotes from Minnesota Bibles, Badges and Business leaders:

Bill Blazar, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs and Business Development, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce:

“The Minnesota Chamber and its 2,300 member businesses welcome the U.S. House of Representatives’ draft standards for immigration reform. They show that the House is ready to move ahead on this issue which is critical to the development and growth of Minnesota’s economy. Whether our concern is Minnesota’s workforce, entrepreneurship, sales on main street or to the world, immigrants are key to our success.  And, the key doesn’t work without an efficient and fair immigration system.”

Carl Nelson, President, Transform Minnesota, Richfield:

“We are encouraged by U.S. House Speaker John Boehner’s announcement of principles for immigration reform, and we urge Minnesota’s congressional delegation to seize this opportunity to work together to pass just and compassionate reform… As Evangelical Christians, we support reform that protects family unity and respects the God-given dignity of every person. Creating an effective and functional immigration system will also help to keep our country safe and secure. The Bible speaks clearly and repeatedly about God’s concern for immigrants and for the dispossessed…Given this recent development by Speaker Boehner and the Republican House Leadership, we urge our elected leaders to pass bipartisan immigration reform in 2014.”

Kevin Paap, President, Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation:

“Farmers and ranchers need access to a legal and stable workforce. We are encouraged by the leadership’s immigration reform principles, as they address agricultural labor issues. We are hopeful Congress will continue to move forward this year in order to address a broken immigration system and provide a solution for America’s agricultural labor shortage.”