Mayor Liccardo Hosts Business Roundtable on Immigrant Integration

Communications Associate

June 17, 2016

SAN JOSE — Silicon Valley business and government partners met at San José City Hall today to discuss immigrant integration and the important economic contributions of immigrants.

Mayor Sam Liccardo joined the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, the National Immigration Forum, the Partnership for a New American Economy and leaders from local businesses to underscore the contributions of immigrants to the region and the workforce, and highlight local immigrant integration opportunities.

The following are quotes from speakers at today’s event:

Mayor Sam Liccardo, City of San José:
“San Jose is truly a city of immigrants. In fact, about half of our region’s small businesses and VC-funded start-ups were founded by immigrants. By embracing this entrepreneurial spirit and our collective immigrant experience, we will continue to see significant economic benefits throughout our entire community.”

Janikke Klem, Vice President, TechCU:
New American Workforce gave us a valuable opportunity to offer citizenship services to members, employees and partner businesses. Overall, it has been a great bottom-line business decision because it aids diversity and inclusion efforts, and allows us to continue to reach out to new-to-country members.”

Derrick Seaver, Executive Vice President, San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce:
“The San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce is honored to celebrate and recognize the positive impacts immigrants have on our business community and local economy. Silicon Valley’s ‘secret sauce’ is our diversity and inclusiveness. The San Jose/Silicon Valley region is a living example of how economic strength and inclusive policies go hand-in-hand.”

Ali Noorani, Executive Director, National Immigration Forum:
“We applaud Mayor Liccardo and the City of San Jose for offering so many opportunities to their immigrant constituents, and we’re proud to partner with them through our New American Workforce program. The city is ensuring that their foreign-born residents have access to resources to gain the opportunities, skills and status needed to reach their fullest potential, while strengthening the greater community. Together, we are encouraging the business community to offer citizenship services to their employees right at the worksite – enabling their final step in their American Dream.”