Marek: Employee Participant Testimonial

Integration Programs Associate

November 10, 2015

Marek, a commercial and residential construction company, has been assisting its employees with citizenship services for more than a year through its partnership with New American Workforce. The company has provided outreach and education to its 1,000 Houston-area employees and offered multiple citizenship services events at the worksite.  Thanks to the partnership, Leonardo Garcia, an employee at Marek who works with drywall, was able to learn about the process and apply for citizenship.

For Leonardo, becoming a citizen means “a better future for myself and my family, being safer in this country, feeling calmer and receiving more benefits. I didn’t apply earlier because of fear and lack of time. It’s hard to know what you need and how much an outside lawyer costs. I think what the company did was a good idea. In a lot of cases a lawyer might trick you, but here it was safe. Everyone was very attentive, it was good.”

Marek pic for testimonyLeonardo García
New American Workforce Participant