Local Colorado Leaders Push for Action on Immigration Reform

August 9, 2013

At Roundtable, Faith, Law Enforcement and Business Leaders Stress Urgency

GREELEY, CO. — With Congressman Cory Gardner back in his district over August recess, prominent Colorado leaders came together Thursday to voice their support for broad, commonsense immigration reform.

During a media availability at the Colorado Livestock Association building hosted by the Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform Network, local leaders in the faith, law enforcement and business communities added their voices to the nationwide call for just immigration reform that acknowledges the dignity of each person, respects the rule of law and addresses the needs of the American economy. At the media availability, these leaders highlighted the importance of immigration to Colorado’s 4th congressional district and let their legislators know that they will be looking for action when Congress returns to Washington in September.

This event builds on the momentum of Bibles, Badges and Business leaders who have been gathering across the country to show their members of Congress that they and their constituencies will support courageous lawmakers who act on broad immigration reform.

The following are quotes from Colorado Bibles, Badges and Business leaders at today’s event:

Ken Barbic, Western Growers Association:
“Immigration reform is critical to the health of Colorado’s agriculture industry. Without a fix to our current system, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the workers necessary to harvest crops on Colorado farms. Our Colorado congressional representatives must act to achieve meaningful reform that allows this critical industry to continue supporting rural communities throughout the state.”

Mary Kraft, Quail Ridge Dairy:
“Immigration reform is a critical issue for Colorado agriculture and our rural communities. That is why we must confront immigration in a comprehensive manner to ensure that our producers can stay competitive on the world market and that our rural communities can remain viable. This issue is of the highest importance and that is why we see groups from across the state and nation calling for comprehensive immigration reform now.”

Jeremy Williamson, Pathways Church:
“There is a fresh passion rising among Christians across the U.S. around the issue of immigration. We believe to our core that each of us has been equally created in the image of God, even if we are separated by lines on maps drawn by men. Every person is eminently valuable and should be treated respectfully by the laws of the land. It is time for Christians to stand for the same love that Christ would, which is why I am here advocating for comprehensive immigration reform.”