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The Week Ahead May 5-9

May 05, 2014 - Posted by Communications Intern

“We are going to continue to try to make sure that we do immigration reform, because it’s important we do it. Both for enforcement of the laws, and for the legal status of those who are not lawfully here. And our legal immigration programs need to be reformed to address this issue… the fact of the matter is that many members of the House want to do immigration reform. So my job and the job of others is to keep making sure that we work on it to get it done the right way.”

— House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte in an Al Punto interview with Jorge Ramos, May 4

“Immigration reform offers the finest opportunity we in the United States have had to put politics aside and do the right thing, for the right reason, at the right time."

— Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, at the April 29 Pastors for Reform press conference


On the Hill and Across the Country, Momentum for Reform Continues to Build
On Sunday, when House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte spoke about the need for action on immigration this year, he added his voice to the growing chorus from inside the Republican House Caucus over the past few weeks.

Leaders on both sides of the aisle are continuing to realize that immigration reform is in the best interest of our country’s economy, security and moral integrity – and that it’s not a losing issue. Meanwhile, their constituents are continuing to let them know that will be looking for a #VoteOnReform this Congress.

Last week alone, over 250 evangelical pastors from 25 states across the country came to Washington for a press conference, worship service and Congressional meetings, while Arizona veterans came together to discuss the need for reform from a veterans and military perspective.

The message coming from across the faith, law enforcement and business communities is clear: we need action on commonsense reform.

Organizations Help Immigrants Pursue Citizenship
As Congress begins to enter an important legislative window, immigrant integrations organizations, the New Americans Campaign and CUNY Citizenship Now! are coming together on Saturday to host a free citizenship workshop to help eligible residents with their citizenship applications.

Saturday’s workshop is the latest in a series of efforts by the New Americans Campaign to provide green-card holders with free citizenship assistance. Over the last two years, the New Americans Campaign has helped over 90,000 green card holders apply for citizenship, and saved them over $67 million in the process.

CALENDAR: Please visit our Events page to find this week's immigration-related events.

Summary of immigration legislation introduced and government reports on immigration:

MUST READ: BAPTIST PRESS: Patterson, Wright urge immigration reform
By Michelle Tyer
April 30, 2014
WASHINGTON (BP) -- Paige Patterson and Bryant Wright were among 250-plus leaders at an Evangelical Immigration Table gathering in Washington Tuesday (April 29) to urge Congress to act on immigration reform.
Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas and a former SBC president, and Wright, pastor of the Atlanta-area Johnson Ferry Baptist Church and also a former SBC president, were among the event's featured speakers.
Patterson, in a news conference, said he believes "we are at a point in this country where we are very much on the verge of acting unjustly." It is "my desire to see the fear of God inform all of our actions," he said.
The United States has always been known as a generous country that readily provides help and relief to other countries in need, Patterson said, calling for the U.S. to do likewise for those from other countries who come to America.
"I believe the fear of God informing our actions would cause us to reach out to many people in this country from many different origins who are not known lawbreakers, not workers of wickedness, but simply needing an opportunity," Patterson said. "We cannot afford on the issue of immigration reform to be anything other than kind and generous."
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