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Polls Don’t Lie: Overwhelming Number of Americans Support Immigration Reform

July 10, 2014 - Posted by Communications Intern

It’s been more than a year since since the US Senate passed the 2013 immigration reform bill, which was the first time any piece of immigration legislation had cleared the Senate in decades. A year later, however, we’re still at an impasse in the House of Representatives.

This in spite of the fact that a majority of polls taken in the last year show that comprehensive immigration reform enjoys wide support among the American public regardless of party identification, ethnicity, or any other demographic break ground.
Some of the highlights:

• A collaborative survey of 10 Republican polling firms suggests that most respondents support letting undocumented immigrants stay. This even holds true for self-identified Tea Party Republicans.

• 83% of respondents in a Center for American Progress and Latino Decisions poll think that immigration reform is very important or somewhat important.

• 61% of respondents in the CAP/Latino Decisions poll would be more willing to listen to Republican proposals if they could pass immigration reform.

Support for Immigration Reform with Opportunity for Undocumented Immigrants to Stay in U.S.

To read the full report and get complete data on the polling results, please click here.

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