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Policy Update: After FOIA Inquiry, Ability to Opt Out of Secure Communities Still Unclear

March 07, 2011 - Posted by Maurice Belanger

Recently, a collaboration of organizations made available excerpts of thousands of pages of government documents pertaining to Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Secure Communities program.  Under this program, fingerprints taken by local law enforcement agencies are checked not just against federal criminal databases, but also immigration databases.  Many localities with large immigrant communities, and with local policing strategies that rely on gaining the trust of their immigrant population, prefer not to be enrolled in Secure Communities.

Among other things, the released documents reveal that, even within the Department of Homeland Security, there have been conflicting views about whether communities may opt not to participate in Secure Communities. 

Read more about what the documents say about participation in Secure Communities in this blog post from the Forum’s Lena Graber.


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