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Pelosi Stands Committed to Immigration Reform

March 20, 2009 - Posted by Mario Moreno



Photo by Steve Rhodes

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has become the target of conservative media attacks after her remarks during a CHC “Family Unity” tour prayer event in San Francisco where she spoke out against ICE’s immigration raids, stating that they are against America’s values as they take parents away from their children and instill fear in the immigrant community. Despite being bombarded by nasty comments by Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly, Speaker Pelosi remains firm on her stance in support of immigration reform and she is not afraid to repeat her statements, as seen during a conference on border issues by the U.S.- Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Congressional Quaterly reports,


A comprehensive immigration bill may or may not happen in 2009, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., says lawmakers shouldn’t wait to put the brakes on enforced deportation measures that many say have gotten out of control.


“ICE raids that break up families, just kicking in the door in the middle of the night, taking a parent away, that’s just not the American way,” Pelosi said Thursday, at a conference on border issues hosted by the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce.


…. Pelosi took some heat from conservative pundits for expressing such sentiments … But Thursday, Pelosi stuck firmly to her position, urging immediate action even in the absence of a comprehensive package.


“We need this comprehensive reform, and we need it soon,” Pelosi said. “And we need to stop those kinds of ICE raids in the meantime.”

Pelosi Stands Firm on Immigration Overhaul, March 19, 2009



We applaud the Speaker’s courageous statements. She understands that aggressive workplace raids are inconsistent with our nation’s values of family unity and due process. Enforcement alone will not address the problems with our current immigration system, we need a comprehensive and realistic approach that secures our country but also remains true to our nation’s deepest values.


If you would like to thank Speaker Pelosi for her leadership and support for immigration reform visit: 

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