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Our Time to Fight for Immigration Reform is Now

February 25, 2010 - Posted by Ali Noorani

Democrats have become the party of "I can't" while Republicans have become the party of "I won't." But the overwhelming majority of Americans (conservatives, independents and everyone else) is saying, “Get to work on our nation's problems and fix the broken immigration system!”

While the pundits, naysayers, and quitters in Washington are telling everyone that nothing can get done, the Campaign to Reform Immigration FOR America is enlisting the American people in a massive effort to force the hand of the House, Senate, and President to finally fix our broken immigration system.

You can feel the rumbling in the pews, at the town halls, and at overflow auditoriums across the country.

In January the campaign organized across 40 states, more than 150 events  that could barely accommodate the overflow crowds of Americans who wanted to voice their support for immigration reform.


·                In Denver, CO, an overflow crowd of thousands cheered Senator Michael Bennett’s pledge to champion comprehensive reform in the U.S. Senate.

·                In Grand Rapids, MI, hundreds gathered with community faith leaders to call on elected leaders to get a comprehensive immigration bill done this year.

·                In Charlotte, NC, overflow crowds gathered at a meeting of African American and Latino community leaders to show overwhelming support for reform.

·                In Little Rock, AR, 1,000 gathered on a cold night  to urge Senators Lincoln and Pryor to support immigration reform.

·                And in Ohio, a series of events all over the state culminated in a rally of thousands in Cincinnati – that included leadership from the African American, labor and business communities


·                All this followed not long after more than 60,000 Americans mobilized for a single telephone call in October of 2009 with supportive leaders of reform in the U.S. Congress.

In the last month, communities of faith have exhibited courage and clarity that we wish our elected leaders would show. Religious leaders from across the theological and ideological spectrum and Members of Congress kicked off a nationwide mobilization called "Together, Not Torn: Families Can't Wait for Immigration Reform," that included the delivery of more than hundreds of thousands of postcards to Members of Congress from people of faith in their states and districts.

Over the course of the President's Day recess, local leaders from churches, small businesses, labor locals, and community organizations across the country descended on district offices. Americans in Ohio, Alaska, Arkansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and other states met with their Members of Congress to ask for comprehensive immigration reform to move forward in 2010. Some district offices  received a visit every hour, on the hour, for four days straight!

This is beyond a campaign.

This is America at its very core saying loud and clear we need a functioning immigration system that stops  unscrupulous employers from exploiting American and immigrant workers, but encourages honest employers to play by the rules.

Since June 1, 2009, the campaign has organized over 700,000 calls and faxes into the White House and Congress calling for reform. This is a significant number of Americans, but the decibel is nothing compared to that of entire news channels (and multiple talk radio shows) that are primed and ready to scare Congress from endorsing an immigration solution that serves our nation.

So, while our campaign is made up of over 750 faith, labor, business, progressive, African American, civil rights and immigrant organizations working to reform our immigration system in the interests of America's families, we need your help. Please:

·                Have your church, business, labor local, organization endorse the campaign;

·                Text "JUSTICE" to 69866 to plug in;

·                Join us on March 21st in Washington DC when tens of thousands will March For America, demanding immigration reform for New American families and economic justice for all American families.


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