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Nationwide, Leaders Urge Immigration Reform

April 08, 2013 - Posted by Mario Moreno

Local business, faith and law enforcement leaders came out in full force during the congressional recess the past two weeks to call on their representatives in Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. With both the Senate and House expected to introduce legislation this month, these leaders laid out the urgency and necessity for immigration reform in their communities. Check out their top seven quotes from the busy recess break—and then add your voice to the fight by joining Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform:

Former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (TN): “It is past time for the President and Congress to do their job and pass comprehensive immigration reform that enhances our national and law enforcement security, bolsters our economy, and is consistent with the rule of law and our notions of fairness and compassion.”

Megan Ritter, Director of Public Policy, Indiana Farm Bureau: “Immigration reform is critical for Hoosier farmers who rely on a non-domestic workforce to ensure our crops and livestock continue to be a pillar of Indiana’s economy.”

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Rev. Dr. David Fleming, Senior Pastor at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston: “We see the immigrant as a person created in the image of God. They’re husbands and wives, they’re parents, they’re children. My experience has been here in Texas that conservative Christians and evangelicals are rising to support a biblical approach to this very complex issue.”

Allie Devine, Former Kansas Agriculture Secretary: “Congress needs to address immigration issues. The states are not the appropriate forum to implement immigration policy. We need a national solution and we need it soon.”

Matthew Soerens, U.S. Church Training Specialist, World Relief (FL): “We are working to build a moral movement of evangelicals who believe in just and practical immigration solutions that include an earned process for citizenship. Tens of thousands of Christians have accepted the ‘I Was a Stranger Challenge’ and are reading 40 days of Bible verse to learn about God’s heart for the immigrant. This is inspiring a new and productive conversation in our churches about the value of immigrants and immigration to our nation.”

Teresa Hernandez, local business owner and Lincoln Club Board Member (CA): “I am a business owner, a member of the Lincoln Club of Orange County, and a conservative Republican, and I favor immigration reform based on free market principles. Immigrant workers and their families are already an integral part of our economy and our communities. Study after study shows that immigrants are a net benefit to our economy.”

Michelle Warren, MPA, Colorado Immigration Specialist, Christian Community Development Association: “Immigration is a biblical justice issue. As we learn to value people as equals in humanity, deserving to be treated with dignity and respect, we will look at all life and justice issues with new understanding. The Bible clearly spells out how we are to welcome the stranger among us, to care for and have compassion for them. As Christians we need to learn and practice the spirit of hospitality to the nations that are coming to our doors and not allow our politics and fear to hinder that spirit.”

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