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Immigration Raids Greet Pope Benedict

April 18, 2008 - Posted by Douglas Rivlin

The Forum released a statement on April 16, noting the irony in the day’s news.  The President met for an hour with the head of the Roman Catholic Church.  The Pope and the President discussed, among other things, the situation of immigrants and “the need for a coordinated policy regarding immigration, especially their humane treatment and the well being of their families.”

While the President and the Pope were meeting, Immigration and Customs Enforcement was conducting immigration raids in Texas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Florida, Arkansas, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Georgia.  The raids are only the latest illustration of the failure of our political leadership.  In the Congress and in the administration, there is little political will to change our laws to accommodate the reality that undocumented immigrants are central to getting the work done that keeps Americans fed, clothed, and housed. Without immigration reform, these essential workers cannot work legally.  As long as politicians can muster little more than ceremonial words, immigrant families will continue to pay the price.  See our statement here.

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