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House Subcommittee to Hold First Hearing

January 21, 2011 - Posted by Maurice Belanger

As we outlined in a previous update, the 112th Congress is going to be considerably less immigrant-friendly than the previous Congress.  In the House, both the Immigration Subcommittee and its parent Committee, the Judiciary Committee, will be chaired by immigration hardliners. 


In our previous update, we said that Iowa Republican Steve King would Chair the Immigration Subcommittee.  That was based on the fact that, in the 111th Congress, King was the highest-ranking member of the Immigration Subcommittee.  However, on January 7, Judiciary Committee Chair Lamar Smith appointed Elton Gallegly of California to Chair the Immigration Subcommittee.  There was speculation in the press that Rep. King was too controversial given his intemperate remarks about immigrants.  The appointment of Gallegly may have been a nod to the concerns of Republicans with a long-term interest in party preservation and the need to attract more Latino voters.  In practice, both men are immigration hardliners.  King will be the Subcommittee’s co-chair.


Other members of the Subcommittee include:


Republicans:   Dan Lungren (CA), Louie Gohmert (TX), Ted Poe (TX), Trey Gowdy (SC), and Dennis Ross (FL).


Democrats:  Zoe Lofgren (CA, Ranking Member), Sheila Jackson Lee (TX), Maxine Waters (CA), and Pedro R. Pierluisi (PR).


We expect the Subcommittee to hold a series of hearings focusing exclusively on enforcement, with little if any attention paid to fixing America’s broken immigration system.  The first hearing will be on Wednesday, January 26.  That hearing will focus on worksite enforcement.


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