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Grateful for Those Who Came in Pursuit of the American Dream

December 23, 2009 - Posted by Maurice Belanger

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During the holiday season, we are reminded in countless ways that we have many reasons to be grateful.  Among them: we live in the greatest country in the world—the land of opportunity that has drawn millions of people from all parts of the globe who have come in search of the American Dream.

Each year, the National Immigration Forum celebrates the heroes who embody the spirit of the American Dream in our Keepers of the American Dream Awards Event.  Our next event will be held in May 2010. 

You can show your support for the Forum by visiting our new Web site, There, you are invited to share your story of the American Dream or you can tell us about your family members who first came to America in search of it.

With your contribution, we will have one more thing to be grateful for by this time next year: comprehensive immigration reform and justice for the millions of immigrants who came like my ancestors did—in search of opportunity and the American Dream.

To get started, go to  Here is one example of a story you will find on the site:

Katie Shankle
In the early 1900s, my great-grandfather fled Ireland because his life was in danger.  The British found out that he was a providing aid for the Irish nationalists during the Irish War of Independence against the British government.  To escape further violence, he came to the United States looking for the American Dream.

For him, that Dream was freedom and the opportunity to support his family without living under the tyranny of others. 

For the rest of this story and to share your story, go to the Keepers of the American Dream Web site.

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