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Game On!

June 26, 2009 - Posted by Ali Noorani

Yesterday, President Obama called key members of Congress to his office to kick off this year’s immigration reform debate.  President Obama has created the environment and drawn the map to comprehensive immigration reform in the 111th congress.  Based on yesterday's bicameral, bipartisan meeting, it is clear the President and Members of Congress realize America yearns for an immigration solution that serves our needs as a nation. 


An American solution to our immigration system includes: effective humane border and interior enforcement that respects rights and keeps communities safe; requires the registration for legal status of those here illegally so they learn English and get on a path to citizenship; reunification of families and preservation of our family immigration system; a coherent, humane, and fair legal system that respects the value of due process; and a logical viable system for regulating legal immigration and ending illegal immigration.


The naysayers who oppose reform or are caught in the old thinking about immigration reform—that it is a contentious issue rather than a consensus issue—will be proven wrong as our coalition of faith, labor, business, and community leaders focuses and sharpens the political will of the American people for the Congress to act.


Watch this space for more updates in the coming days on the momentum building in the wake of the President’s call to action. Get more information on the Reform Immigration for America campaign and how to get involved at

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