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Flurry of Meetings Precede Washington March

March 19, 2010 - Posted by Maurice Belanger

With time running out before a major pro-immigration reform march in Washington, there was a flurry of meetings last week with President Obama.  There was a meeting with immigrant rights leaders from grassroots, labor, and faith organizations, who reminded the President that immigration raids and other enforcement actions continue to tear apart families, workplaces, communities, and congregations.  They asked the President to be more engaged on comprehensive immigration reform this spring.  For his part, the President reiterated his "unwavering commitment" to immigration reform.

Next, he met with Senators Schumer and Graham, who shared their agreed-upon framework on comprehensive reform legislation (see above).  The Senators also asked the President to be more engaged in getting support for immigration reform.  Senator Graham released a statement about the meeting, saying that the President committed to helping resolve outstanding issues, such as 'virtual fencing' along the southern border and the creation of a temporary worker program.

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