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Election Analysis: Asian American Voters

December 08, 2008 - Posted by Maurice Belanger

Nationally, 62% of Asian Americans voted for Barack Obama and 32% voted for John McCain.  In Los Angeles, exit surveys indicated that 68% of Asian American voters supported Barack Obama, including 24% of Asian American Republican voters.  The issue of immigration was among the most important issues in helping to determine Asian American voters’ preference.  In Los Angeles, Asians comprised 9% of the electorate.  (Asian Pacific American Legal Center)


In Chicago, Asian American voters gave Barack Obama an 81% to 16% margin of victory.  Looking at younger voters (18 to 30 yrs. old), the margin was 92% to 3%. When asked how they perceived the political parties attitudes towards immigrants, 50% of respondents said they thought Democrats were “very favorable” towards immigrants, while 46% thought Republicans were “not favorable” towards immigrants.  (Asian American Institute)

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