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Are You a Keeper of the American Dream?

December 08, 2009 - Posted by Maurice Belanger

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With all the nastiness of the immigration debate in Washington, it’s easy to forget that, in our nation of immigrants, there are millions of uplifting stories where the grit, determination, and sacrifice of those who came to America from other lands was rewarded with a piece of the American Dream.


Since 2000, the National Immigration Forum has held a Keepers of the American Dream Awards Event to celebrate the heroes who embody the spirit of the American Dream.  Leading up to the Keepers event in the spring of 2010, we are pleased to invite you to share your inspiring story on how you have achieved the American Dream, or how those in your family who first came to this country paved the way for you to achieve the Dream. 


With the American Dream mosaic, you can show your support for the National Immigration Forum and post your story to share.  To get started, go to Here is one example of a story you will find on the site:


Grisella Martinez (Country of Origin: Mexico)

“I am a Keeper of the American Dream because as the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants, I am living proof of the possibility of better opportunities that brought my family here in the early 20th century. My grandparents contributed to the success of this nation by their occupational and domestic contributions. My grandfathers worked hard to provide for their families: one as a sulfur miner, the other as an automotive mechanic. My grandmothers were early innovators, contributing to the local economy through small entrepreneurial ventures and to the safety and well-being of their families whether at home or in church. My family has had a member serve in the armed forces since World War II when my grandmother watched her only 3 sons go off to war. My father and his brother served proudly in Vietnam. My cousin recently served as an Army surgeon in Iraq.”


For the rest of this story, go to the Keepers of the American Dream Web site.

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