Colorado Faith and Business Leaders Applaud Republican Standards on Immigration Reform

Assistant Director of Communications

January 31, 2014

Major Commitment from House Leadership Propels Reform Forward

DENVER — On Thursday, House Republicans released standards for immigration reform. The standards were met with broad support among top Colorado faith, business and law enforcement leaders, who lauded the movement toward much-needed reform and called on Congress to pass reform this year.  

The following are quotes from Colorado Bibles, Badges and Business leaders:

Neil Alvarado, National Job Fair Director, LatPro, Denver:

“As a businessman from a family of immigrants I know that immigration reform will help our country in many ways.  Businesses will grow as people are more able to fully contribute to the economy.  In our communities the tragedy of families being torn apart will come to an end, strengthening our communities and our nation.  These principles are a huge move in the right direction and I am so happy to see strong Republican leadership on immigration reform in the House.”

John Brackney, President and CEO, South Denver Metro Chamber:

“It is essential for Republican leadership to articulate specific details on how immigration reform will proceed in the House in 2014.  Colorado and the nation are in dire need of a predictable and logical immigration system that will grow our economy and make us the most competitive country in the world for global talent.  The Business community is pleased to see this bold leadership decision and we look forward to the discussion, debate and action on this most important of issues.  Our current system is broken and we need to fix this now.”

M. Daniel Carroll R. (Rodas), Distinguished Professor of Old Testament, Denver Seminary:

“The Bible is clear that God cares for the foreigner, and Christians from a wide spectrum of traditions recognize this truth. As an evangelical professor, I join these many other Christian voices to support these fundamental, constructive set of principles for immigration reform.”

Nick Lilo, Lead Pastor, Waterstone Community Church, Alkire Acres:

“It is encouraging that the Republicans in the House are trying to move forward to fix a very broken immigration system. Hopefully these standards can be a starting point for serious negotiations that will result in compassionate and just immigration reform.”

David Warren, Executive Director, Open Door Ministries, Denver:

“As an evangelical leader in Colorado, I’m thankful that the House Republicans have finally come out with some proactive steps to address our broken immigration system.  First, I’m glad they admitted that the system is broken and they are willing to work to fix it.  Second, it is wonderful to see them embrace a version of the Dream Act so strongly. I am glad they are proposing a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants already here; any reform that doesn’t address this group would be faulty from the beginning. In general, I urge the House to adopt a compassionate approach. Give us legislation that we not only can live with, but that we can also be proud of.”