California Leaders Urge Congress to Pass Immigration Reform

May 30, 2013

YORBA LINDA — With members of Congress home for the week and the full Senate expected to begin debating the immigration reform bill in early June, California faith, law enforcement and business leaders came together this afternoon for a roundtable discussion on the urgency and importance of commonsense immigration reform.

At the roundtable debate sponsored by the Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform network, influential leaders gathered to highlight the importance of immigration reform for local faith communities, law enforcement officers and businesses. Among the campaigns highlighted was the recently launched “Pray for Reform” campaign which aims to create social action on immigration reform through prayer.

The following quotes can be attributed to speakers at the event:

Teresa Hernandez, Board Member & Chair, Subcommittee on Immigration Reform Orange County

“It’s absolutely critical for any proposed legislation to recognize businesses’ need to hire immigrant workers legally and efficiently. We encourage our Republican lawmakers to take a leadership role in moving forward legislation that includes these components.”

Charis Kubrin, Assoc. Professor of Criminology, Law, Society, UC Irvine

“Immigration reform will help law enforcement dollars be more wisely spent on making our communities safe and will help to restore trust between immigrants and the police who need to be able to protect the community.”

Skip Lanfried, Yorba Linda Friends Church

“We approach this topic out of our commitment to God’s word to care for the immigrant and the vulnerable. We have seen how the broken immigration system impacts families and children in our community and the time is past due to create a more commonsense and humane immigration system that reflects current needs and realities.”