Business Coalition Underscores Congressional Republicans’ Opportunity

Assistant Director of Communications

October 26, 2017

With Law Enforcement and Faith Leaders, a Conservative Trifecta

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today an unusually large coalition of American businesses formally launched an intense lobbying effort centered on legislative solutions for Dreamers from Hill Republicans.

The Coalition for the American Dream includes major business organizations including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; companies including Apple, Google and Microsoft; and advocacy organizations including the National Immigration Forum.

The coalition joins law enforcement leaders and faith groups such as the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention in pushing for legislative solutions.

The following is a statement from Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum, which partners with business, law enforcement and faith groups to promote centrist and center-right immigration solutions:

“This is about Dreamers and a healthy economy for American workers. That’s why some of the most important economic forces in the country are making a united case to House and Senate Republicans: You have the opportunity to lead, this year, and take credit for passing solutions.

“So many Americans know Dreamers as their colleagues, their neighbors or the family one pew over in church. They support immigration solutions that safeguard jobs and tax bases, adhere to the values all of us hold dear, and protect young people and their families. Together we will continue making the case for action this calendar year directly to leaders on the Hill. We hope legislators will do their jobs and listen to American businesses when considering next steps.”

Ali Noorani is available to go on-air or speak by phone to discuss centrist and center-right DACA and broad immigration solutions today and this week.