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March 17 2014
By Joe Garofoli Immigration reform may be stalled in Washington, but on Monday a handful of Silicon Valley companies announce they will be part of a program to help their green-card-holding employees with their citizenship issues. Dubbed “The Bethlehem Project,” the year-old program aims to help folks with all of the nitty-gritty stuff it takes to become a..

March 17 2014
By Joe Garofoli With immigration reform languishing in Washington, a handful of Silicon Valley companies took action Monday to help their green-card-holding workers become citizens. Nokia, DTZ, Technology Credit Union and ABM joined the Bethlehem Project - a year-old pilot program that funds services targeted toward immigrants at the workplace. The initiative connects companies with local providers of legal assistance..

January 25 2014
By Harvey I. Barkin SAN JOSE, California – A campaign to help legal immigrants become US citizens held its first ethnic media roundtable on Friday, Jan. 24 to encourage legal permanent residents to naturalize. The New Americans Campaign (NAC) initiated in 2012 by a network of businesses, nonprofit organizations and grant-makers exhorted the assembled group of ethnic media representatives and community leaders..

September 17 2013
By Gustavo Solis | For some employees of Baptist Health South Florida, the path to U.S. Citizenship started Tuesday. The non-profit health organization partnered up with the National Immigration Forum to provide free on-site assistance to employees eligible to become American citizens. They held a special information session on Tuesday, which was National Citizenship Day. “This..

September 17 2013
MIAMI — Baptist Health South Florida is hosting on-site workshops for potential new citizens this week to mark National Citizenship day Tuesday. The company is one of about a dozen businesses in California, Florida and Washington D.C. that are part of a pilot program to help their employees make the leap to citizenship. The National Immigration Forum is behind..

September 17 2013
Por Paola Alonzo Este martes decenas de personas celebraron el Día de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos convirtiéndose en ciudadanos y aprendiendo sobre la historia del país. Como ya es una tradición en los Estados Unidos, cada 17 de septiembre se celebra a nivel nacional el día de la constitución y la ciudadan..

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