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April 08 2014
Economic growth has solidified the Bay Area as one of the most diverse populations in the country, greatly influenced by the influx of high-skilled foreign workers who come for employment in the tech industry. This entrepreneurial spirit also attracts people from around the world who start companies, drive innovation and create jobs that require workers with engineering and science degrees...

March 20 2014
By Danielle Restuccia Legal immigrants in Silicon Valley may now have a better chance at citizenship: this week, several tech companies joined the Bethlehem Project, which provides free services for permanent resident card holders. Nokia, DTZ, Technology Credit Union, and ABM are partnering with the nonprofit in order to help employees become full citizens. To foster that transition, the Bethlehem..

March 19 2014
SAN JOSE, Calif. (3/19/14)—Technology CU, San Jose, Calif., joined three other Silicon Valley companies in partnering with the Bethlehem Project Monday to assist employees holding legal-immigrant status achieve citizenship. The Bethlehem project, in its first year of work as a pilot program that funds services for immigrants pursuing naturalization, will connect the $1.7 billion-asset credit union—and the other participating businesses—..

March 18 2014
By 王金城 聖荷西矽谷商會、科技信用合作社(Tech Credit Union)、矽谷ABM公司,以及全國移民論壇(National Immigration Forum)17日聯合宣布發起聖荷西地區伯利恆計畫(Bethlehem Project)..

March 18 2014
By 任薇薇 由全國移民論壇(National Immigration Forum)發起的「伯利恆計劃」(Bethlehem Project)計劃來到灣區,昨日在聖荷西正式啟動。該計劃透過非牟利機構與企業的合作,..

March 18 2014
By Mike Colgan SAN JOSE (KCBS) — The path to citizenship for permanent resident card holders in Silicon Valley may become easier as a number of Silicon Valley companies announced on Monday that they are getting directly involved in helping eligible employees become citizens—for free. Nokia, DTZ, Technology Credit Union and ABM were at the San Jose Silicon Valley..

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